I am a poet and journalist.

I enjoy writing about food, music, DIY projects, fun historical inquiries, and health.

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National Ice Cream Month Part 1: Dark Chocolate Dreaming | keepmindscreative

While I can’t exactly pin point when my love for ice cream began, in 2010 I embarked on a culinary gelato adventure in Italy. This of course involved conversing with many shop owners on technique while consuming endless cones of limone e fragola gelato.

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Creating Caramel Swirls in Ice Cream: Dos and Don’ts | keepmindscreative

For some reason, I had the crazy idea to incorporate a caramel swirl in my ice cream, but had not found much research on the subject. Below is a general “what not to do” when trying to create a caramel swirl, and the general benefits of adding caramel (or really, more sugar) to your ice cream.

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Caffeinated Concoctions with Cookie Chip Mix Ins | keepmindscreative

Coffee was a big deal growing up. I knew about green coffee beans before the age of ten... It was only natural that something so common to my routine became the next next step in my summer creamy confectionary adventures.