I am a poet and journalist.

I enjoy writing about food, music, DIY projects, fun historical inquiries, and health.

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CoffTea: Enhance Your Friend’s Coffee With Tea

Mixing your favorite tea with a BFF’s favorite coffee?! Crazy…maybe even sacrilegious, right? Tea is so magical on its own; it doesn’t need another beverage stepping in (or should I say steeping in), right? Well, maybe not need, but it does spark a bit of curiosity. So why not spend one afternoon mixing high quality flavored loose-leaf teas with high quality single origin coffees?


sonic boom, issue 5, page 18

This is not a walking meditation

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History of the Tea Strainer

Take a stroll through the average beverage aisle in your supermarket, and you might get the impression that tea has always come in small boxes with disposable tea bags. But before those easy to come by boxes, there was the rich and intriguing history of the tea strainer, a beautiful little tool that has helped our ancestors enjoy loose leaf tea for hundreds of years. Enjoying loose-leaf tea, and becoming familiar with this tool, can help spark an appreciation for your tea strainer and infuser collection, or simply inspire you to grow one.

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Tea for Two (or More!)

A truth universally held by tea drinkers is that a great cup of tea is made even more wonderful when shared with others. Why not, instead of just an afternoon tea, devote an entire day to tea, encouraging you to get together with one or more friends and bond over a fresh cup?

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DIY Concentrated Beau-TEA Cream

Your skin is the largest organ in your body, so it is important to nurture it with the best nature has to offer. With that in mind, tea is a great skin ally because of its many magical properties.

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Winter Warming Teas

All teas can create a snug comfortable feeling that shelters you from the harsh bitter cold outside. However, there are some teas that are more efficient at warming the body inside and out.

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Happy 100th Birthday, Planned Parenthood!

Over the past 100 years, Planned Parenthood has served as a safe haven for those who cannot afford expensive procedures or may not have access to information concerning their health otherwise. And with a motto like “Care. No Matter What,” it comes as no surprise that the clinics and their mission are still going strong.

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Meeting Tea Taster/Blender Cynthia Fazekas

An interview with Adagio's tea master, Cynthia Fazekas gleams insights on fun careers in the tea industry.

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National Ice Cream Month Part 1: Dark Chocolate Dreaming | keepmindscreative

While I can’t exactly pin point when my love for ice cream began, in 2010 I embarked on a culinary gelato adventure in Italy. This of course involved conversing with many shop owners on technique while consuming endless cones of limone e fragola gelato.


Crystal Ball – Samantha Albala | Synapse

Crystal Ball – Samantha Albala | Synapse

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Reading Tea Leaves: An Ancient Art Form

Once a cup of tea is enjoyed, a ritual is performed involving tapping into the subconscious and letting the tea leaves left at the bottom of the cup tell a story about the tea drinker's present life and upcoming future.

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Sweet Treats & Tea: Tips for a Pairing Party

Invite your friends on a flavorful adventure by creating a tasty pairing party this spring.

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Creating Caramel Swirls in Ice Cream: Dos and Don’ts | keepmindscreative

For some reason, I had the crazy idea to incorporate a caramel swirl in my ice cream, but had not found much research on the subject. Below is a general “what not to do” when trying to create a caramel swirl, and the general benefits of adding caramel (or really, more sugar) to your ice cream.

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D.I.Y. Tea Hair Treatments

While drinking tea has many health benefits, vitamin and nutrient rich tea leaves can also work wonders in a beauty regime.

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Caffeinated Concoctions with Cookie Chip Mix Ins | keepmindscreative

Coffee was a big deal growing up. I knew about green coffee beans before the age of ten... It was only natural that something so common to my routine became the next next step in my summer creamy confectionary adventures.